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Ways in Which You Can Know If You Are Buying a Fake Louis Vuitton Designer Bag


Many people, when they are selling an imitation type of Louis Vuitton designer bag don't let the person buying know that it is not an original. When you are buying, unless you are keen enough you may not know that it's a fake one. The salesmen are usually very friendly while selling the bags to customers assuring them that the bag they are selling is the real one from Louis Vuitton. In most cases, they sell the bags at a cheaper amount than the prices in the big shops in town and hence you hurriedly pay for the bag happily and go. You drive away happily thinking that you have landed an awesome deal but decide to recheck the bag. By looking at the bag, you get the possibility of you having bought one that does not match the qualities that you thought it had.


By looking keenly and spending some time scrutinizing it, you see a thread that is loose and discovers that the material is not as you thought. On looking further, you see a small print placed inside the bag showing that it is made in a certain country, not as you thought and you feel disappointed. Just then you discover that you have been cheated through purchasing a fake Louis Vuitton. It is vital for you to know the features of a real Louis Vuitton so that before purchasing you can have some time to inspect the bag before you give out your cash. Most of the famous brands in the world either have counterfeits or have a chance of having some. There are ways in which you can tell a fake Louis Vuitton from the original one. A real one should have brown lines which are not regular which run through gold-colored letters and some flower patterns. Buy louis vuitton fringe here!


The fake bags have different styles and colors which you can't find in the real ones. The original ones should have an "LV" sign made of high-quality brass on the zipper pull. A real louis.vuitton backpack should have a card with identity, style number, and name placed inside the bag. The threads on the handle should not be yellow and should be consistent. The handles should be made of leather which you can know if its real leather by it is becoming dark after some time, unlike the fake ones. A real Louis Vuitton bag should not cost you less than one hundred US dollars, and if someone tells you at an amount below that, you should know it is fake.